Why is This Teen Able to Control HIV? The Answer Could Point to a Cure

A French teenager who was infected with HIV at birth has gone into complete remission, despite having stopped taking her antiretroviral treatment between ages 6 and 18. This is the first documented case of long-lasting remission in someone under 18 years old.


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Better Biomarkers Mean Better Research

The findings add to a previous study on 14 HIV-positive adults who researchers identified as “post-treatment controllers,” i.e. exhibited no increase of the virus in the bloodstream after stopping treatment.

If researchers can understand what biological characteristics make some people able to control HIV, it could lead them to a future cure. However, the reasons for the French teenager’s resilience remain a mystery.

Source: http://www.cnn.com/2015/07/20/health/teenager-hiv-functional-cure/index.html


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