Party and Stay Healthy

Are you staying fit for National Nutrition Month? Are you being invited to tons of parties now that the spring season is approaching? How can you possibly keep the balance?

The beginning of spring means the beginning of festivities. Party season has officially made its return. The temptations to drink occasionally may be resurfacing, but you don’t want to ruin the fitness progress that you have made in the past several months. Luckily there are several techniques and strategies that you can use to maintain your good shape and still enjoy the season’s events. Here are some:

  • Don’t be lazy: First and foremost, you must stay disciplined. Do not let partying take away from physical exercise. Unless you are suffering from the severe aftermath of last night’s activities, you should be able to exercise. Whether you hit the gym or play a sport, stay diligent with your healthy habits.
  • Drink wisely: Is there such thing as drinking healthy? Yes! The allure of alcohol probably won’t spare you and the assortment of low-nutrition, high calorie drinks will be ever present. Therefore you must choose your cocktails wisely. Remember, pure alcohol contains several calories per gram which is worse than carbs. Here are some drinks, by the calories, you can try:
    • A single shot of Jack Daniels – 55 Calories
    • 6 oz. Soda Water and Vodka – 65 Calories
    • 6 oz. Diet Coke and Rum – 65 Calories
    • 4 oz. Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon – 90 Calories
    • 4 oz. Dry Champagne – 105 Calories
    • 12 oz. Light Beer – 110 Calories
    • 7.5 oz. Gin and Diet Tonic – 115 Calories
  • Party Selection: Of course you can’t go to every single party that you are invited to. The change in season will make people find any excuse to throw an event. It would be best for your health to choose the occasions you believe will yield the best experiences. Planning ahead can also give you a better chance of maintaining your superb health.
  • Everyone loves snacks: This does not mean you should over load on them. Even if you pass on the alcohol, there is the chance that the party you attend could be serving bite size snacks such as cheese and crackers or small cuts of fatty meats. Do your best to look for healthier options like fresh fruit, hummus, salsa, nuts, and raw vegetables.



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