Does “Chronic Lyme Disease” Actually Exist?

Have you been diagnosed with “Chronic Lyme Disease”? A recent study argues that “Chronic Lyme Disease” doesn’t exist. The study also discusses how the use of long-term antibiotics is a “failure,” although it is the most commonly prescribed treatment for Lyme patients by doctors.

For some people, short-term use of antibiotics can completely cure Lyme, but for others the symptoms of Lyme, such as fatigue and joint pain, can linger for up to six months or longer. Many doctors still persevere their beliefs in the use of antibiotics in long-term treatment of “Chronic Lyme Disease,” but the new study conducted by a European group shows that the use of long-term antibiotics may have no benefit for patients. Not only are these treatments for “Chronic Lyme Disease” costly and require more than two weeks of treatment, but they could also be dangerous for your health. Long-term antibiotic use has been associated with increased rates of morbidity.

Will Chronic Lyme Disease go down in medical history as another made-up illness? Time will tell.


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